Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ruffles...Ruffles...Did I say Ruffles?

A few months ago I was inspired by THIS...

How could I NOT LOVE the ruffles...I'm a girly girl at heart! :o) I wanted to have a shower curtain just like this one and just like the blogger, I was not about to pay over $100 for a SHOWER CURTAIN!
 Uh uh, not gonna happen. BUT I knew, I HAD to have a shower curtain just like that!

 I began the search  for the white sheets at Goodwill and started taking measurements. Normally I would have this done in one day...but you see, I am now working full time and I leave the house at 6:30 AM and don't arrive home again until 6 PM. So, over a week here was the steps I took to get that AMAZING GIRLY shower curtain:

First night.... cutting the fabric pieces (I took a picture, but I have no idea where it went!)
Second night.... hemming the back and the ruffles

Third night.... serging the top of all the ruffles(this time I did forget a picture)

Fourth day, 5 hours on a sunday afternoon.... sewing all the ruffles on

And here is the finished project!I truly LOVE it and honestly can't wait til we move and I have the perfect dove grey walls to compliment this
shower curtain!