Monday, June 27, 2011

Project Waiting

Okay, so my grandson is estimated to arrive on July 2nd. However...
his Nana
 his Pops,
 his Aunties
& Uncle,
his Daddy
 and more than ALL of the people above...
his Mama
are MORE than ready for him to make his grand appearance!
 So, this may not be in the "decorating" category, but it is a few things that I have completed while we are playing the waiting game.

Nursing covers for Alyssa

And T-shirts for all of us as we wait at the hospital for him to arive.

Anticipation is killing us! We are excited to see his face and I of course cannot wait to kiss his chubby little cheeks!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here's to decorating & re-decorating

-Old Windows

These are things that I love and things that inspire me. I have taken a lot of things in my house, things I got at garage sales, or goodwill and painted them, repurposed them, refinished them...again and again and again. It's what I love! And if you ask anyone, it's who I am.

I have decided to share my love for these things with all of you and maybe I can inspire some of you like others have inspired me. So, please stay tuned for projects that I am working on, pictures of things that I have already done, & things that inspire me.

I am excited to start this blog, so be sure to come back soon....