Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drab to FAB!

FINALLY...something I have been wanting to do for quite sometime, is DONE!
Remember this desk?
Brown...kinda dull...trim breaking off...ugly gold pulls...

The transformation begins
I didn't want to move it downstairs, cuz it's SO VERY heavy. So...I thought I would just sand the top by hand...Didn't work so well as you can see.

Step 2. Bring in the palm sander...
Nope! Didn't have the right kinda of sandpaper...

 Step 3. Bring in the BIG GUNS!
Guess what?!?!? It worked!

And here is my dining area that my family had to endure while I was working on this
MESSY... to say the least!

Drawers are painted!
(does anyone else just do the outside? I thought about doing it all and still may go back and do it, but just wanted to get this done!) 

Bottom of the desk

And here she is!
I am so happy with the end results!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not just decorating

Taking a break from decorating for a minute to tell you about an exciting personal accomplishment.

So, a few months ago I decided that I was going to start running with my daughter. Well...It became sort of a challenge for me. First it was a mile, then 1 & 1/2.... then it became two. And now, just about 3 months later, I am up to 3.7 miles. A dear friend kept encouraging me and challenging me to keep going. To run a little further. To sign up for a 5k. I didn't think I could do it. But decided if I didn't atleast try, I would never know.

So....August 13th, Panerathon 5k, here I am.

This is my good luck grandson, Jonah

Off I go!

And the finish line! I finished my 1st 5K in 26.27 minutes. 19th in the womens.

I have the most AMAZING family ever...there supporting me at the finish line! My hubby was behind the camera, but he was there too!!
NEXT on the list....Race for the Cure on September 11th.
AND, the cool thing hubby, who hates to run, is going to run with me! I am so excited! I have a running buddy now!
I plan to begin training in the next week or so for a 10K in October. I think I can do it....Mallory says I can. :o)

Red Hen Home give away = I WON!!

I just wanted to say thank you to Korrie at Red Hen Home! She had a give away a few weeks ago on her blog and I thought...why not? I will enter. So, I did and didn't even think about it again. Til late one night, or early morning, when I couldn't sleep, I was going through my blogs and low and behold...I WON! Who would have something??!! Cazy! I was so excited! A few days later, I received
THIS in the mail

Isn't is AMAZING?? I haven't decided where to put it yet, but I absolutely LOVE it!
Thanks Korrie!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bye Bye Peach!

So, the house we live in now is actually not ours. We have been renting it from some friends of ours for the past two years. My biggest fear in renting, because I LOVE to paint and decorate and change and create, was that I would not be able to make this house my "HOME".

But our friends have graciously allowed us to make it our "HOME". It has been an adventure these two years, but is it coming to an end. One of the things that we have wanted to do, was paint the lovely PEACH, yes, I said PEACH trim on the shed. It has desperately needed to be done. Now that this house is going on the market, I thought, why not...

So here is the "man shed" in peach.... (I almost forgot to take a picture)

And now, it is a lovely shade of red.