My Home

Welcome to Our Home
(These pictures are a little off in color. I am still not great with our DSLR camera, so for now, this is what it is)

Our entry way

The office. 
Notice the pillows in the windows...yeah, gotta figure out something better to block out the light

Our living room

Facing from the living room to the entry way

Kitchen area

And another

This is my "coffee bar" :o)

The chalk wall that my Dad helped me create

My latest project, the gallery wall. Still have a few pictures missing, but I'm working on that

My hall stripes. 
Anyone have any ideas for what to do with this wall? I have the gallery wall going up the stairs, so am open to suggestions for this wall

My Anthropology DIY ruffle shower curtain

The Master
I'm still not happy with the color of the walls. I was looking for a soft grey, but it ended up with a slight purple tint. Eventually, I think I am gonna have to repaint. BUT, the fact that the ceilings have to be painted too, means it will be awhile before that gets done

Our bath with the BIG tub. Trying to find ideas for that area too. LOVE the chandelier, but because the walls ended up with a slight purple tint, not liking the teal in here. My original colors ideas were grey and accent with teal and yellow...but yeah....

Our backyard, which I LOVE!

The area between the grass and patio is a flower bed. I planted wild flower seeds in there for now. But next year, I plan to start working on filling it with perennials

Yep, that's it. 
Our new home! 
(I skipped the boys room, the craft/guest room & the man cave for now)
I have SO SO many ideas floating around in my head, on paper, on pinterest. But you all know how it is...
 You can't do everything all at once