Who I Am

Who I Am:

1. Loves Jesus & seeks to have a better relationship with my God
2. Wife of 22 years to my... eh...eh...em...middle school sweetheart :o)
3. Mother of Four
    ~ Alyssa, 19 -  married to Chad, and about to make me a Nana
    ~ Nikki, 17 -  college student doing an internship in East St. Louis for Pursuit Communities, loves animals, big & small
    ~ Melodie, 16 - photographer and lover of all things from the 60's, 70's and 80's.
   ~ Zachary, 15 - the only boy, plays video games, listens to music & texts WAY too much :o)
4. Decorator
5. Re-Decorator
6. Consumer of way to much coffee
7. Lover of Chocolate
8. Cherishes my family & the times we have together
9. Dreams of owning my own coffee shop
10. Longs to create beautiful blogs like the ones I follow
11. Above all, I am child of God