Thursday, July 26, 2012

Feelin' Productive Today

 I declared today project day! Well, actually I was just going to paint my curtains and then I was just going to paint the stool and yeah... :o)

I started this morning with taping off the curtains. I ran out of paint and ended up having to stop and go to Hobby Lobby (that is never a good thing :o) Anyway here is the started project

Here is the
of the dining area

And now the 
Doesn't that color make a world of difference?!
I am so excited and LOVE LOVE the way it turned out!

This little stool I got at a little antique store that I frequent. I wanted to have a little stool for the grandson to reach the sink, climb on the couch or to be tall enough to help NahNah when he gets s bit bigger.
I didn't sand it before, because I want the colors to show through once I sand it when it dries.

It's not quite done, but here it is covered in yellow.

This project had my daughter stumped when I sent her a picture. She was like "what in the world??!!" 
I needed some card board and the only thing I could come up with was the soda boxes.

Cut some ovals from the cardboard
and painted them with chalk paint
A hole punch and some jute and there you go...labels for my laundry baskets

THis little picture was a find one day at goodwill. I loved the shape and knew I could could come up with something pretty for my gallery wall.

So, I printed out these words on some pretty paper, mod lodged it to the board and sanded the edges. So pretty and perfect for my gallery wall!

There you have it! Have I told you lately how much I LOVE being home 2 days a week and how much I LOVE my new home??!! 


  1. You WERE productive! Don't you just love days where you get so much done.

    The colour on your stripes is fantastic, it really brightens the room.

    that little sign is just perfect, love it.

  2. I was so excited to get several things done that were on my "to do" list! Thanks again! :-)

  3. Love the laundry basket labeling idea!!! Super thrifty and creative!